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The Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation (CMEF) was founded in 1990 by 10 citizens committed to supporting and strengthening multiculturalism in Canada. Though Canadians have seen great change since CMEF’s founding in 1990, the need for such an organization has only increased and CMEF’s programming has developed in response to these new realities. It is useful to reflect on where we have been; it is just as useful to plan where we want to go. Herewith are the adopted vision, mission and goals to guide the direction of the Foundation.


Canada is a multicultural society where diversity is embraced and individuals live in harmony and peace with equal opportunities.


To strengthen the multicultural fabric of Canada through educational and community programs.


  • Strengthen and broaden multicultural programming.
  • Strengthen the infrastructure of the organization.
  • Broaden our relations with different sectors of the community.
  • Increase external communication.
  • Increase and diversify sustainable funding sources.

The organization remains small and tightly focused, taking on a few carefully chosen projects and strategic partnerships each year.


Board of Directors


Beryl Scott


Recruiting New Volunteers

The Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation (CMEF) promotes multiculturalism in Canada by providing programs that improve understanding between people of different cultures and that renew discussions about the direction of multiculturalism in Canada

The CMEF Board of Directors creates policies that guide the organization and that support our office staff in program delivery.

CMEF is seeking volunteers who share our vision and who wish to join us in working to realize it.

For more information, please contact:
Beryl Scott, President
Joan Cowling, Treasurer


Highlights of Past Projects, Events & Activities