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Working with Karen Immigrant Students — Teacher Resources

In order to facilitate better communication and success for immigrant students in Alberta schools, this guide was developed by members of the Karen community and teachers from Edmonton Catholic and Edmonton Public schools. The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers supported the work by assisting the Karen community and providing workspace and professional support for the meetings.

This is the third resource in a series developed by the Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation (CMEF) and the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA). The first two, which explore working with students from Somalia and the South Sudan, are available from the ATA and CMEF.

Principal writers: Lynn Farrugia, Renato Delicious, Lah May Wah, Lei Thoo, Hse Nay Paw, Ku Ku
Editors: Lynn Smarsh and Earl Choldin
Lynn Farrugia is a teacher with the Edmonton Public School Board.
Renato Delcioppo is a teacher with Edmonton Catholic School District.
Lah May Wah was a Grade 12 student at the time this document was written.
Lei Thoo represents the community at national meetings.
Hse Nay Paw works at a school as a lunch supervisor.
Ku Ku is a translator and was a teacher in refugee camps in Thailand.
Ariela Cerna and Matt Hundert of the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers in Edmonton assisted with the meetings.


Karen Immigrant Students

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