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Alberta Association for Multicultural Education

CMEF extends sincere thanks to the Alberta Association for Multicultural Education (AAME) for their ongoing support over the years and particularly their generous support of Harmony Brunch 2015.

AAME works towards increased cultural harmony among Albertans by facilitating the work of educators, community organizations, and individuals involved in multicultural and anti-racism projects.

AAME has maintained a close alliance with CMEF sharing many common goals including the promotion of multicultural values and awareness of the positive aspects of a Canadian multicultural society.

Hopefully, our close relationship will continue and by doing so benefit Canada as we work for an evolving multicultural society.
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Beyond Blue Anti-discrimination Video


Multiculturalism Photography Project

Photo: Megan Arnemann

Multiculturalism Photography Project

Photo: Laura Vriend

Multiculturalism Photography Project

Photo: Ciaran B.

Multiculturalism Photography Project

Photo: Corey Pollack

Multiculturalism Photography Project

Photo: Cookie Verily Johnson

Multiculturalism Photography Project

Photo: Kylie Reimchen


The Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation is a non-profit society founded in 1990 to promote public awareness of the opportunities and benefits of an evolving multicultural society in Canada.

We hope this website will assist Canadians to deepen and broaden their understanding of multiculturalism. Included are articles and events of interest to the multiculturalism education community and links to other organizations doing similar work. Your suggestions and input are welcome.

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